Facebook Security – Is Your Newest Facebook Friend a Sleazeball Debt Collector?

I had been meaning to post some reflections on Facebook and security, among other things. I am inherently cautious about what one should put “out there” in cyberspace.

Then I saw this article on Alternet, and thought it deserved immediate special mention:
Is Your Newest Facebook Friend a Sleazeball Debt Collector? The Alternet article has a lot to say about the debt collection and debt settlement industries in general, as well as some particulars about abuse of social media.

One new scheme is to have an attractive young lady ask to become your “friend,” so that those behind the facade may gain access to all the juicy personal information you post on Facebook. Then they can know of other ways to contact you, what you are up to — maybe even when you are home or not at home. (Burglars prefer the later.) The part most relevant to Facebook points to another article: Debt Collectors Using Cute Chicks On Facebook As Bait.

The Alternet article tells how debt collectors have used Facebook or other social media sites to post embarrassing information — and not always truthful information. There are several lawsuits now in the works from people who have been victims of this abuse.

So, please be careful what you put on social media sites. Think about when it is more appropriate to use personal email to communicate. (And you might even think of using encryption!)