Using RSS to read posts

Did you know that you can use RSS to read the “headlines” of posts in this or any other Blog?

If you are using the Firefox web browser, look for the icon RSS icon. You can usually find it in the address bar above, as well as in the side bar under Subscribe. (It may be a different color, but the design is usually quite similar.) Click on the icon, and it will give you the option to “Add Live Bookmark!”

I like to add my “live bookmarks” to the a folder in the main “Bookmarks Toolbar Folder.” Then I can just click on that folder and slide my pointer down over the desired feed (“live bookmark”). The feed will then expand to show all the lastest posts on that blog or RSS-enabled site. I can click on any “headline” and go right to the posting!

There are other special programs that can collect your RSS feeds, but I like the convenience of reading them right from my Firefox browser.

Another Story about Possibilities for Education

Linux News: Distros: Stretching the Education Dollar With Linux

Though by no means an exhaustive list of distro possibilites, this article mentions a few distributions and how they might help educational organizations save.

Steve Hargadon, of the National Educational Computing Conference is quoted at the conclusion: “Ultimately, open source will win, because it provides a more compelling model for how we share information — and it will have a huge impact on education.

Links of particular interest: