Speed Testing Your Internet Connection

I had a conversation with some folks at the F.P.C.A. meeting regarding concerns about the quality of internet connections provided by some of the large local vendors.

Thus I am posting some links to test sites, with a local (614) flavor.

First, here are test sites for our major carriers in the Forest Park / Northland area. These are all “nearby” as the topology of the internet goes. Start with your carrier. If you get good results there but have trouble with others, your provider may have connection problems with the wider net.

Note: flash-based test sites may not work with some browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari. …). Tell your cable company to update their test sites!

Here are some other good test sites.

For even more just plug “Speed test” into your favorite search engine!
Most of these require flash. The search above can find even more resources!

updated 2017-06-17

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