Columbus Metropolitan Library Search with Konqueror

Recently my local library has added a CML Catalog Search plugin “powertool” that allows one to add a search of the library catalog to the search box. In Firefox this installs automatically via a script on the Power Tools page. (It is presently termed a “beta,” and does a basic search, seeming mostly on words in the title.)

Should you want to use this in Konqueror:

Right-click on the icon at left of Konqueror search bar, choose “Select Search Engines,” and add a new search engine. Call it “Columbus Metropolitan Library” (or “CML Catalog” or whatever you’d like), with the following parameters:

  • Search URI:{@}
  • URI shortcut: cml … OR whatever you’d like

Be sure to check the boxes to left of your new item and “Enable Web Shortcuts” at top left.

You should now find a choice to search the Columbus Metropolitan Library Catalog in your search box.

You can also search by entering cml:search_term in the address box.