Open Source Utilities For Facebook Privacy

I saw a story on slashdot recently that is particularly relevant given Facebook again being in the middle of a tempest regarding their ever-changing security settings, practices, and defaults.

“Two online projects will scan and edit Facebook privacy settings for maximum
protection: ReclaimPrivacy ( and SaveFace (
The article says: ‘Several new applications have launched this week that are
designed to easily reset a Facebook member’s privacy settings, following new
changes from the company that make a sizable chunk of profile content public
by default when it was once kept under lock and key.'”

Here are the utilities mentioned. The first seems to be more flexible, while the second easily locks down your FB. These work for now, subject to any changes that FB may make that accidentally or deliberately hamper them.

This website provides an independent and open tool for scanning your
Facebook privacy settings. The source code and its development will always
remain open and transparent.

1. Drag this link to your web browser bookmarks bar: Scan for Privacy
2. Log in to and then click that bookmark
3. You will see a series of privacy scans that inspect your privacy
settings and warn you about settings that might be unexpectedly public.
4. Follow us on Facebook to hear about the latest updates.

SaveFace™ by Untangle® is a simple-to-install Bookmark utility that
automatically resets your Facebook® settings to restore your privacy.

SaveFace sets your privacy settings back to Friends Only, for all the

* Contact Information
* Search Settings
* Friends, Tags and Connections
* Personal Information and Posts

Best of all, it’s free. Untangle collects no personal information from you or
your Facebook when you use this Bookmark utility.