Using Ixquick metasearch with Konqueror

Ixquick metasearch is a European-based search aggregator that does not keep your data for 18 months (?!) as does Google … info here. I recommend you consider using Ixquick. (Automatic installation for Firefox is available at the home page.)

Ixquick is now StartPage (2019)

To use Ixquick metasearch with Konqueror:

Right-click on the icon at left of Konqueror search bar, choose “Select Search Engines,” and add a new search engine “Ixquick” with the following parameters:

  • Search URI:{@}
    OR use{@} for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
  • URI shortcut: ix … OR whatever you like

Be sure to check the boxes to left of Ixquick and “Enable Web Shortcuts” at top left.

You should now find the blue star for Ixquick available in your search box.

You can also search by entering ixq:search_term in the address box.

This still works in 2014!