Debian 7 GNOME 3 (and “Classic”): Choose Desktop

Did you know that you have a choice of Desktops in Debian 7 Linux (“Wheezy”)?

You can choose “GNOME, “and get the latest and greatest GNOME 3, with the heads up display and all the goodies.
Or, you can choose “GNOME Classic,” and you will get something much like the old GNOME 2 interface that many loved. There are also other derivative desktops following this poular design, including MATE and Cinnamon. (More pix of GNOME Classic) (If your graphics hardware cannot handle the load, you automatically get “GNOME Classic.”) I remember when GNOME 2 debuted. It preceded Apple’s desktop — and included many things that looked amazingly similar when that came out.
Or you can choose any of a number of other desktops

  • the ultra-lightweight LXDE (shown among the choices here).
  • the highly-customizable KDE 4more pix.
  • and more …

Click on links in the text above to see more about some of these desktops.

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