Gethsemane_Environmental – Gethsemane Lutheran Church Environmental Efficiency and Sustainability Team

Some people have asked about the Gethsemane_Environmental Google Group, used for the Gethsemane Lutheran Church Environmental Efficiency and Sustainability Team. Here is some helpful information about that group (and signing up for and Google Groups in General).

The Group Home is at Gethsemane_Environmental

Any member can invite new members! Just send an invitation when you are logged in. An invitation will be sent to the recipient’s email address. They are then “approved” by a Group Manager or Owner (currently Joanne Leussing and myself … This is to screen out spammers.).

So please go ahead and invite new members! … or just send them to the group home at Gethsemane_Environmental.

More information

Besides an invitation from a member, there are a few ways to join Gethsemane_Environmental:

1. The easiest way is as a Google subscriber, to visit the group.

Google sign in is forced before one can join. See below if you want to join without joining Google!

2. It is also possible to sign up for the email list without joining Google ‡, by sending an email to:
(The email need not have any subject or content.)

As of most recent testing (8/2014), the link in reply email works. After the initial request, one receives an email to “continue with your join request,” then another to “confirm.” (This is Google seeking to counter spam.)

3. One can sign also up for the email list here:

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To post to this group, send email to
To unsubscribe from this group, send email to
Visit this group at
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For more options, visit

‡ This is not well documented. There was something in the Google Groups Help: (Link now redirects.)
that seems to indicate one could subscribe via simply sending an email to [Groupname]+subscribe[AT] , (in this case):

Searching Google help reveals that it is still possible to “[Join] a public Google Group using email.”