Quickly Find Unread Messages on GMail

Have you ever had a hard time finding unread messages on GMail? This is especially a problem if you have many “labels” (equivalent to folders), like I do.

While you can go to the search box at the top. pull down the menu, and select “Unread Mail,” there is another alternative.
You can make a Quick Link for unread messages.

  1. Go to “Settings” / “Labs.”
  2. Look for “Quick Links.”
  3. Enable “Quick Links.” REMEMBER to hit “Save Changes” at bottom of page.
    You will see an added area on the left, under labels, for “Quick Links.
    (Click the three dots at bottom for “Gadgets” if necessary.)
  4. NOW do a search for “Unread Mail” as above,
    OR just type “is:unread” into search box
  5. Now you can click on “Add Quick Link” at left to create your saved search
  6. Name it something simple like “unread”